West Central Park Project


The corner of Harrison Avenue and Division Street is one of the central intersections of West Olympia. It sat untouched for many years after old Rowland Lumber Company building was torn down in 1997.

Over the years, multiple commercial buyers attempted to develop the site only to fail for a variety of reasons. When our founder, Alicia Elliott, first got the vision for this project, she saw a lush, pedestrian park that would allow for a creative and beneficial use of this vital corner. And thanks to the support from the local community, that vision has become a reality!

The West Central Park Project is now committed to maintaining a walkable neighborhood and a resilient, connected community. We believe that having a beautiful space for the neighborhood to enjoy will enhance both the community and the economy surrounding it. And we wholeheartedly hope that YOU will join us in creating and sustaining this vital space for generations to come!

The Park Needs You!

Donate your time or money to West Central Park Project. The Park relies on the community and can't exist without your contributions. This is YOUR park so if you have suggestions on improvements please let us know!