501(c)3 Approved!

The West Central Park Board was ecstatic to receive the news last week from the IRS, that the Project has been approved for tax deductible contributions under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  The status has been granted as a public charity and has been back dated to the start date of the Project, June, 2013. The news has solidified the powers of the Board of Trustees, who are the sole owners and sole decision makers for the West Central Park Project.  In addition, among other benefits, 501c3 enables the process for seeking property tax exemption with the County as an educational opportunity area for the neighborhood.  And possibly the best news of all, is that any and all contributions, donations, bequests, grants or devises to the Park, are now entirely tax deductible too.

The Board urges the community surrounding the park to be involved in any way it can. The attention and care of the people who work, live and shop within a three mile radius of the park will be what keeps this Project going. The formation of the business and the Board allows for many ways for the local neighbors to get involved.  The every Sunday of the year Volunteer Work Parties, participating in events, donating materials, labor or dollars, and keeping up the conversation between the neighbors and the Park Board, are all what the Project needs to survive.

Thanks for all your support Olympia!