A Farewell Note from Our Founder

A Farewell from Our Founder | West Central Park ProjectDear friends and neighbors,

It is with a mixture of sadness and joy that I announce my resignation from the West Central Park Board. My decision to leave the WCP Board has not been an easy one for me. This, as you all know, is my baby, my dream, my treasure. I consider the Park one of the most beautiful things I have ever nurtured and brought into existence. Leaving this Board and leaving my ability to effect decisions here and further, letting this little Park grow up and start going out in the world to make it’s own destiny is a difficult and painful choice for me. A difficult but excruciatingly necessary choice that I have had to make.

The Park is finally gaining recognition as a community space. A space that is perfectly suited and situated to host gatherings, events, vigils, performances and more. I see my stepping down, passing the torch to new board members, and the hiring of a paid Executive Director as a crucial breakthrough that is absolutely integral to the forward progress of the project. I have faith in the WCP Board and the new Director to take progressive steps that will equip the Park with the tools it needs to last well into the future.

I will continue to work on making my neighboring businesses succeed. I will encourage them at all times to partner with the Park to make the whole block neighborhood development a benefit to the community. I see the Park as a shared jewel for each of the businesses around it and I will be pressuring them all to find ways to use and support the Park each year. I think that by working together, mutual goals can be met faster and that each is fully dependent on the success of the other to guarantee the success of itself.

In closing, I would simply like to say that it’s been an absolute honor working on this project. I have learned so much about what it means to truly be in community with others and to work with a Board of Trustees to manage a public charity. I consider the experience I have gained to be invaluable and I will never forget it. I have leaned how not to cling too tight but to pass an inspired vision on to others to allow growth and change to truly happen. In the coming weeks, the Park will be sharing more details about new leadership within the organization and the plans they have moving forward. And I look forward to watching as it grows and changes into the community space that it is destined to be!


Alicia Elliott
West Central Park Project