A New Season for Us

A New Season for the West Central Park Project

Happy Friday friends, we’re just about to wrap up our summer season here at the West Central Park but there’s still one more weekend of fun ahead! For more information about these events, please see visit our events page!

Saturday Concert: High Ceiling and Fawcett, Symons and Fogg
Sunday Work Party: 10am to 2pm
Monday Movie Madness: Fly Away Home

A New Season for the WCPP

Not only are we approaching a new season with fall right around the corner, but the West Central Park as a whole is entering into a new season as an organization. Over the next couple months, we will be undergoing some major leadership changes. But these changes will open several great opportunities for new voices and visionaries to join our ranks including several board member positions.

The park board is a critical component of our organization. It’s this group of people that are responsible for all the inner workings including fundraising, administration, financial management, event planning, volunteer coordination, and public outreach.

If you have experience in non-profit management, accounting, grant writing, project management, administration, or any other professional field that you feel might be beneficial to the organization, we would love to hear from you! And if you don’t have any professional experience but are interested in learning, we would love to chat and see how you might fit within the leadership of the WCPP!

To inquire about board membership, please contact us at wcp@aparkforus.org.