A Note on Stewardship and Service

Good evening park peeps,

We have another fun few days ahead here at the park! Luna Melt and Cool Breeze will be playing on Saturday at 7pm. On Sunday, come help us keep the park looking lovely at our weekly work party from 10am to 2pm. Then Monday Movie Madness continues with Coco, a family friendly animated film about a young boy with dreams of becoming an accomplished musician despite the opposition he faces. The movie begins at dusk, around 8:30pm but we recommend getting there early to get your seat and popcorn! Check out our events page for more details about these events and more!

A Note on Stewardship and Service

“Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve…. You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

When this organization began in 2013, our founder Alicia Elliott was determined to resurrect the neglected corner of Harrison Avenue and Division Street in West Olympia. Her vision was to create a green, walkable neighborhood and a resilient, connected community. And five years later, this vision has become a reality. But it will only be able to survive with the continued efforts of dedicated volunteers willing to get their hands dirty in the dirt, maintain the property, and support our joint efforts with financial support, time, and talent.

While other parks in the area are often funded and maintained by city, county, or state government, the West Central Park is 100% funded by community donations. And since we do not have the income to hire maintenance workers, it is critical that we continue to build a strong volunteer force to keep the park up and running for generations to come. So on behalf of the entire board of directors, this is a call to action for everyone. We need you, our community and neighbors who spend time at this park and want to see it thrive to make a commitment to stewardship and service so that we can keep providing this space for all to enjoy.

I would also like to mention that unlike a corporation or foundation, we are a public charity that does not have a single owner. Instead, this space and organization is owned, operated, and funded by neighbors just like you and me and managed by our dedicated volunteer board of directors. But as a public charity, there are certain rules placed on our organization that limit how much money an individual can give to the charity. Which means Alicia can no longer contribute financially to this project, lest we lose our public charity status and the park altogether. And that is why every single person in this community matters. This is a park for US, not just a park for Alicia. Let’s all do our part to make sure we can continue to enjoy this space.

How You Can Help:

Give a Financial Gift: Give a tax deductible gift online, in person, or via mail as an individual or business.

Help with Park Maintenance: Help maintain the the beauty of the park at our weekly Sunday work parties!

Join the Board of Directors: Become a park leader and help us manage the administrative and financial ends of the park.

Join a Committee: Help with fundraising, grant writing, event planning, composting, landscaping, and more!

Spread the word: Follow us on Facebook, come to events, and tell your friends and family about all the great things happening here!

Finally, I want to personally thank each and every individual, family, and business that has helped support the West Central Park Project in any way since it began. Without you, we wouldn’t be here today! It’s a great honor being a part of this organization and I can’t wait to see what the future holds, for all of us. And I wholeheartedly hope that you’ll be a part of it too!


Joanna Lopez
Administrative Director
West Central Park Project