A Successful Gala!

The West Central Park Board proudly hosted its very first big fundraiser last Saturday and it was a solid success.  Close to 70 Olympians were in attendance at the beautifully decorated Heritage Room, to enjoy excellent live jazz, a silent auction, exhibits of the park, past and future, delicious food, and a heartwarming round of personal stories from volunteers and community members about why they think the park is a good thing for the Westside of Olympia.  A great big thanks to all who attended and made this event special.  The West Central Park is seven thousand dollars, and many great connections closer to its goal of providing a free community space for the neighborhood to enjoy. This poem written by one of the Park’s hard working volunteers expresses the WCP goal very well.

A park for us
A park for you
A park for friends and family too
You can walk,bike, drive or take the bus
A park to daydream
A park to share laughter and fun
A park to ponder in the rain or soak up the sun
A park where you and I come together as one

C. Yorba


A big huge thanks to you all from the West Central Park Board and we are looking forward to next year’s Gala already!