All Hands On Deck Sunday Work Party! 9/25/16, 10-2



Hey There WCP Crew!

All hands on deck tomorrow at our work party as we will be rebuilding a short trail into a new perviously paved tru-grid pathway! The path will be wheelchair accessible and provide an 8 inch catchment basin for slow moving storm water. It has always been our goal at West Central Park to keep our stormwater on site! Come get an up close understanding of how this progressive pavement system works and help to beautify your local neighborhood Park! Work Party will run from 10- 2 tomorrow and snacks will be provided.

Don’t forget the United Way Day of Caring is coming up fast! The 8 am kick off breakfast on October 1st will be at West Central Park! Get signed up with Ariel Rogers to get your day of caring action all set up!

Put the very next day, October 2nd from 12-4, for the 3rd Annual WCP Harvest Fest! There will be workshops covering mushroom cultivation and how to make kombucha as well as bee keeping workshops throughout the day, a veggie swap table, cider pressing, music, and stone soup! Bring your last of the season’s veggies to share with your neighbors on October 2nd from 12-4.

Lots going on and ways to plug in at WCP! Get in touch with us at to find out how you can get more involved.