Alley Vacation a Success!!

The big news for the week is that last Tuesday, March 21st, the City Council moved to allow the vacation of the north part of the alley that runs from Harrison to 4th on the Park block. The section to be vacated by the City is the part of that alley that borders the Park property. The Council also moved to waive the Park’s portion of the compensation fee that would normally accompany a right of way vacation. The City is allowing the Park to exchange a covenant for 20 years of Pedestrian rights at the Park property for the 11 thousand plus dollars that they could have asked the Park to pay. The properties on the Eastern side of the vacated section of alley, are considered business entities and not allowed a similar waiver in this circumstance. Those businesses will be paying the City a combined $7,721. Easements will be granted by both Park and business owners to allow for the access of utility, emergency, city, Park event and vendor vehicles. All other vehicles will be restricted by bollards that will stay in place for protected bike and pedestrian access. The timeline for getting the vacation paperwork completed and the alley resurfaced will be in phases. Prior to May 9th and the opening of the West Olympia Farmer’s Market, the southern half of the alley will be resurfaced in pervious true grid. The rest of the alley will be finished along with the completion of the new Parkside Cafe around November of this year. Bollards may not be put into place until that construction is mostly accomplished. Any questions you may have about the Park? Write to Any questions you may have about the development on the block? Write to

And as always, don’t forget, we will have our regular Sunday work party coming up tomorrow from 11-1. Starting in April our work party hours will shift from 11-1 to 10-2, but this Sunday, March 29th, we’ll be starting at 11. Come on out and help beautify this community oasis that belongs to us all!