Alley Vacation Update! Public Hearing February 28th!


Hey Park Fans!

Lots happening at West Central Park and receiving this email is a great way to stay up to date on everything that goes on at the corner of Harrison and Division. This Sunday February 19th, the regular 2 hour work session will be going on from 11-1. There will be lots to do maintenance wise as we ready the little oasis for her Spring debut! Tidying the lavender bed, revamping the compost, tent care and garbage patrol to name a few will be on the agenda this Sunday. Come on out for some clean air and some fresh community action!

A Public Hearing is set for February 28th to put before the Olympia City Council the Park’s petition to ask the City to vacate the north part of the alley. Not only have the Park and surrounding neighbors petitioned the Council to vacate this portion of alley, the applicants have further requested that the requisite compensation to the City in the sum of $18,880 (half of the appraised value of the alley) waived. The staff have given us their preliminary comments which allow for the possibility of the vacation but not for the waiver. They said it will be up to the applicants to verbally convince the City Council to waive the fee. Our approach is that we are going to be providing a safe walking space, free from random vehicular traffic that is adjacent to a community park that offers movies,markets and events to the public. Currently when the Park has a busy event, the City requires a fee to close the alley. With a vacation, no more fees, safe green walking space, and full utility and Park easements. We need you to come to the hearing and let the Council know you support this action! The Park and surrounding neighbors are trying to make the neighborhood safer, and greener and more pedestrian accessible, can you help us do that? The hearing is in the City Hall, in the Council Chambers on the first floor, on February 28th at 7 pm. We need you!

In just one short month the Gloria Dei Church is hosting their Partners in Ministry event on March 18th for the West Central Park! This is a great honor for the Park and will help us get key funding for projects like a gazebo and another rain garden! Please consider attending this sparkling event at the Hotel RL at 5:30 pm. There will be a silent auction a delicious dinner, fundraising fun events, speakers and more! The Gloria Dei Church has always been right there for West Central Park and we are grateful for all their help over the past 4 years. Help us celebrate with them and honor West Central Park! Tickets are now available online.
See you around the Park!

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