Board Meeting, Weekend Work Party, and “Sustainable Living Expo”

The Board of Trustees met Thursday night to discuss upcoming events and to amend the West Central Park Project Bylaws.  The complete, updated Bylaws are available here for your viewing pleasure.  Reprinted below is a reproduction of the specific changes that were made.

The Board also discussed the three upcoming events, the “Sustainable Living Exposition”, taking place at the Park on September 7th and which is moving full steam ahead and is shaping up to be another excellent West Central Park event; the “Call for Membership and Community Roundtable” which will be taking place on September 17 at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church at 7PM and will be the first opportunity for members of the community to officially become Members of the West Central Park Project and begin voicing their opinions and having a say in the governance of the Park; and our first major fundraiser, a black tie gala planned for October 12 at the Heritage Ballroom.  All these events will make for a busy month or so ahead and we hope to see you all at each and every one of them!

Ahead of the Sustainable Living Exposition, we’ll be having our last pre-event work party this Sunday at 10AM.  As always, anyone who’s interested in helping out is more than welcome to attend.

See you at the Park!

BL-004 (August 29, 2013)

Amending Article IV, Section III, Clause 3


REPLACE “the Board of Overseers” with “either a vote of the Board of Overseers or a unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees”.


BL-005 (August 29, 2013)

Amending Article IV, Section III, Clause 3

ADD “Positions 3, 6, and 9 shall be elected.”

ADD “and appointments” after “Elections” in the third sentence, “Elections shall be held one month prior to the expiration of a member’s term.”


Amending Article IV, Section III, Clause 5

ADD “Position 1” before “Alicia Elliott”

ADD “Position 2” before “Dennis Lyon”

ADD “Position 3” before “Leanne Kirkwood”

ADD “Position 4” before “Dave Humphreys”

ADD “Position 5” before “Bernie Flowers”

ADD “Position 6” before “Seth Chance”

ADD “Position 7” before “Tucker Petertil”

ADD “Position 8” before “Brenda Stocker”

ADD “Position 9” before “Chad Law”

ADD “Position 10” before “Judy Lindlauf”

ADD “Position 11” before “Souki Mehdaoui”

ADD “Position 12” before “Daniel Cherniske”

Amending Article IV, Section III, Clause 3

ADD “Vacancies must be filled within ninety (90) days or an emergency Members Meeting must be convened to elect a replacement; said meeting must be convened within ten (10) days of the end of the ninety (90) day grace period.”