Alex Martin

Alex has been volunteering at the West Central Park for several years. He enjoys spending his free time in the beautiful park with the other volunteers and getting good exercise doing the work to keep the park looking beautiful!

Tucker Petertil

Volunteer since 2013 Founding Board Member As an artist and writer, I work alone a lot, it’s nice to work with others on a common goal like the greening of this Park. I’m a pretty rudimentary gardener but I love to eat right from the earth and The West Central Park, especially … Read More

Dai Suzuki

I was looking for some volunteers or communities to improve my speaking in English because I felt that it wasn’t enough for me to only take classes for speaking English. So, I needed more experience and opportunities to talk to local people. They speak English very fast and sometimes it’s very difficult … Read More

Paul Schryver

I enjoy working with the West Central Park to help build a better community and to provide a green space for all of Olympia to enjoy for future generations.

Rueben Males

People really like to share time with other folks doing meaningful work related activities. Here at West Central Park, it is neighbors creating a community commons by volunteering to be involved.

Diane MacArthur

When I learned of the WCP, I was intrigued and in awe of the vision and dedication to making a difference in the community. I look forward to the Sunday work parties for both the fellowship with great people and to see the growth and transformation of the park. I am humbled … Read More

Ryan Harris

Why I Help Out at West Central Park I volunteer at the park because it is a great way to connect with folks in the community, hear stories about Olympia and share thoughts to a wonderful and diverse bunch of people. I enjoy the story behind the park and the opportunity to … Read More

Scott Bishop

As a retired person I have made it my ‘retirement plan’ to help build community. And I think what Alicia and friends are doing is a truly wonderful addition to our community. So you see, I just had to be a part of it. Come out and join us.

Justin McDowell

I think helping out with the West Central Park Project is a great way to support my neighborhood and contribute something nice to the city. Plus, I work on the web and this gives me a good excuse to do something different, get outside, and work with my hands in a different … Read More

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