Christine Yorba

I recently moved here from Orange County, California and the park caught my eye as a great way to get my foot in the Olympia door. I was excited to jump right in and meet the Olympia locals and get to know my new community. So far it had been an awesome … Read More

Eva Combs

I volunteer with the West Central Park because I like helping the helping create something for the community. It is a tangible thing that we are doing. I also like the sense of community that the act of creating engenders in the people with whom I volunteer. It engages the spirit.

Polly Ceccanti

“I used to walk through this lot every day to catch the bus to work, and I would imagine all the different ways the community could put it to use. I’m so glad that now it’s actually happening! I’m working on painting a small mural on a box that hides some utility … Read More


In his own words, our Featured Volunteer Kayden Ray, describes his experience volunteering for the West Central Park. “Today, I volunteered to clean up the West Central Park. I learned all about volunteering. I cleaned up sticks, blackberry, picked weeds, cut roots, painted, and planted some flowers and small trees. One other … Read More

Dale Johnson

Olympia resident, Dale Johnson describes his reason for volunteering at West Central Park. “I read about the park in the Daily O, and also had met Alicia at one of her local get togethers. The park idea sounded good to me and with a lot of time on my hands, I volunteered. … Read More

Seth Chance

Seth works for the Olympia Parks Department and first heard about the West Central Park Project from friends. After seeing the site itself, his passion for parks and land management led him to get involved. “I wanted to get involved on the ground floor,” says Seth, “Any time there’s new green spaces, … Read More

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