Meeting with La Petite Maison

Alicia had a great meeting with Justin and Zoe, the owners of La Petite Maison, a beautiful French restaurant across the street from the park site.  History of their building, prospects for the park and neighborhood dynamics were discussed.  Future fundraiser events at the restaurant are a possibility.

Water Meter and Soil Testing Status

We will be having the city move the park’s water meter box to the park side of the sidewalk, and getting our new meter on May 15.  We will be ready and licensed to irrigate soon! Today we took two soil samples, from the site, to Libby Environmental for analysis.  The samples … Read More

Water Meter, Soil and Sign Update

The new water meter has now been fully permitted and paid for. Plumber Mike Moore is scheduled to install the back flow prevention, and the city is scheduled to put in the new meter. The use of the water however, is only permitted to be for irrigation. I’ve been told that when … Read More

Permit Process for Water Meter

The process is started to get a new water meter at the site, through the City of Olympia. It will cost $3200 up front, in lieu of any evidence that a utility bill was ever paid there.  Such evidence has not yet been found, but the money paid for the water meter … Read More

Meeting with Make Olympia

This is a meeting with Shanty Slater of Make Olympia and Alicia Elliott. We are going to discuss the possibilities of the local crafts fair having a permanent home at West Central Park.

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