The Results Are In!

Hello dear friends and neighbors, February is here and and the new life is already starting to pop through the dirt! We’ll be hosting our weekly work party tomorrow from 11am to 1pm to focus on grounds maintenance and beginning to prepare for spring gardening. Hope you can come join us! COMMUNITY … Read More

Growing a Park for Our Community

Dear friends and neighbors, As we dive into our sixth year of operations as an organization, we are exploring new ways to grow the West Central Park and starting a conversation about what a successful community managed and funded park truly looks like. When the park was first founded, our mission was to create a … Read More

Leading Our Park Into the Future

Happy Saturday Park Pals, hope you’re all having a great weekend so far! We’ll be getting together tomorrow for our weekly Sunday work party from 11am to 1pm to keep the park looking lovely for all to enjoy. Grab your rain coat and gloves and comes join us! The Park Side Cafe … Read More

A Post Gala Wrap-Up & Thank You

Dear friends and neighbors, Thank you all so very much to those who attended and donated to the West Central Park Gala last weekend! Even with all the unforeseen changes leading up to last week’s event, we are happy to say that it was a great success! Collectively we brought in over $9000 to help … Read More

An Important Announcement from Our Founder

Dear Park Neighbors- I have a bit of important news regarding the upcoming Night at the Park Side Cafe event on Friday, December 21st. City officials came up to the cafe yesterday and explained some key factors to us that we didn’t understand clearly at first. That our occupancy would be strictly … Read More

Come Dance the Night Away

Happy Friday Park Pals, Brrrr! Winter is quickly creeping in around the Pacific Northwest but we’re still enjoying our time out in the park each week! Come join us for our weekly work party this Sunday from 11am to 1pm for park maintenance and gardening and please dress warm! NIGHT AT THE … Read More

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