Community Roundtable Last Night, October Gala Coming Up

On Tuesday night, the members of the Board of Trustees held a Community Roundtable and formally opened the Park Membership up.  There was a great showing of support for the project and several thoughtful questions and helpful comments.  As always, the input of the community is of the utmost value and events like this let us know we’re on the right track.

Several community members signed up for automatic membership and are among the first neighbors added to the rolls.  The normal qualifications for membership are living within twelve blocks of the Park for at least a year, working at least three hours at our work parties or events, or donating $75 or an in-kind equivalent to the Park.  Meeting one of these qualifications makes you a “Friend of West Central Park” and allows you to attend membership meetings, raise questions, and vote on measures.  Meeting two of the three allows you to propose measures and stand for election to the Board of Trustees or the Board of Overseers.  Anyone interested in becoming an official member should call the Park at 360-252-0198.

We also have our major fundraising event coming up in October.  On the 12th, the Park will be hosting a black tie gala at the Heritage Ballroom downtown.  This is our first major fundraising push, so we hope to see a big turnout for the event.  Information on tickets will be available soon, so stay posted.

And as always, we’ll be having a work party at the Park this Sunday at 10AM, so if you’d like to come down and help us keep the Park tidy and trimmed, all are welcome to join.

See you at the Park!