Dai Suzuki

Dai Suzuki - Featured VolunteerI was looking for some volunteers or communities to improve my speaking in English because I felt that it wasn’t enough for me to only take classes for speaking English. So, I needed more experience and opportunities to talk to local people. They speak English very fast and sometimes it’s very difficult for me to hear. That’s why the volunteering is the best way for my purpose. Although my teacher, Dave, invited me to come to the Park as a volunteer, I didn’t know much about gardening or volunteering at first. As I continued working, I became more comfortable with making a great garden with local people with the same idea. Because many Park volunteers taught me so politely about it. Also, volunteering can provide great exercise for us. The volunteers are so friendly and kind. They can tell me all of the things that I wonder about. Also, I can learn agriculture from them. Sometimes I can eat fresh and organic fruits in the Park. Through all of this process I can adjust myself to the community and learn more important things than I had ever experienced before. This is my reason for working as a volunteer.