Permaculture Workshop Series Begins!


Starting this Saturday, July 19th from 12 -1:30 pm, Daniel Cherniske will be hosting a weekend workshop series focused on the integration of urban ecological agriculture and increased resilience through the concepts and pathways of Permaculture practices. This course we will be diving into the ethics, principles, and application of permaculture, while giving hands on experience by applying these concepts to our lives and broader community.

•Participants will gain knowledge and skills in land regeneration, community building, soil science and health, urban and renewable food production, basic design concepts, and more.

•There will be music, food, community, and continued connection and continuity for all projects and people involved. Participants can partake in a raffle to win an afternoon installation of a regenerative system, garden design, or permablitz (high energy work party) at their home or community space.

This course is free! With donations graciously accepted.
To sign up please email