First Volunteer Meeting At The Park

Our very first all volunteer meeting at the West Central Park site this morning was a success.   The immediate future of the park was discussed at length in a question and answer, and free discussion format meeting with Olympia neighbors. At the future park site, hot coffee from Dino’s and pastries from Strawbetty’s Cakes and Catering were shared. The sign area was modified with an additional sign, and a plan to add landscaping around the signs was discussed. The decision to move forward with grading and beautifying the site was made, and organizational committees were identified and signed up for.  Immediate volunteer opportunities are available in administrative, fundraising, and landscaping capacities. Contact The West Central Park Project to find out more.

2 Responses

  • We have lived on the Westside for 33 years. In that time strip malls have grown on most empty pieces of land along Harrison. How exciting to see this vision for a beautiful community enhancement take root. Thank you Alicia and all those who have spent so much time and effort to move this forward.

    • Mary Lou and Paul-
      You are the very reason why this project is so important. Your lovely words and sentiment go a long way to fuel the effort to bring a community space to a long neglected corner.
      Thank you,

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