Free Family Fun This Weekend: Come Weave Bee Hives!

Free Family Fun This Weekend! Come Learn About Bee Hives at the West Central Park Project!

Good afternoon park peeps,

It’s a bit of a wet one today, but this weekend we still have some fun events planned! If a little rain doesn’t bother you, then come join us this Sunday from 10am to 2pm to help with general park cleanup and maintenance. We will also be having indoor events on both Saturday and Sunday for bee hive weaving.

Join us at the park with our bee expert Heather Wood for free, family friendly hive weaving events this Saturday, June 9th from 11am to 1pm and Sunday June 10th from 2pm to 4pm! Together we will be weaving and collectively coiling grass into round dome skeps and sun hive shapes for use at the Buck’s Fifth Avenue Apiary.

This is a great educational opportunity for anyone interested in beekeeping and hive making. And as we mentioned last week, this weekend’s training will be the preliminary event for our August 19 take home hive building marathon. So please try to attend this weekend if you are interested in the August event.

The marathon in August will cost $150.00 and include everything you need to build and take home a full sized hive as well as instructions on where to get your bees and how to care for them. Registration packets will be available for pickup at the June 9 & 10 events and must be completed and paid for by July 20th.

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