Growing a Park for Our Community

Dear friends and neighbors,

As we dive into our sixth year of operations as an organization, we are exploring new ways to grow the West Central Park and starting a conversation about what a successful community managed and funded park truly looks like. When the park was first founded, our mission was to create a walkable neighborhood and a resilient, connected community. And that is still at the center of what we do today. We believe that having a beautiful space for the neighborhood to enjoy enhances both the community and the economy surrounding it.

But as we venture into a new season for this park with a change in leadership including new board members and an executive director, new volunteers including youth from local high schools, and visitors from all around, we want to make sure the West Central Park is meeting the true needs of the community in which it exists. So today, we’re asking for YOUR opinion!

If you could spare five minutes and tell us what sort of things you would like to see happening or changing at the park as we move forward, you will be entered to win a free treat from Phoebe’s Pastry Cafe on Division, courtesy of our board president Josh and administrator Joanna. Email your answers to!

Leading the Way Forward

Would you like to have even more oversight in regards to growth and development? If so, then please consider joining our board of directors! Our board is the core of the WCP and they are responsible for planning and organizing all the happenings at the park, working with other community members and businesses to network and collaborate, and securing funding for future operations and events.

For more information about joining the board or volunteering with the West Central Park Project, please contact us at