Market Updates and More!

Happy Earth Day Park Folk!

One of the founding principles of the West Central Park from day 1 has been to keep our grounds 100 percent free of chemical treatments and additives and to make sure that we protect and care for this little corner of the world in an organic and natural way. Rest assured the fruit and vegetables that grow at the Park are pesticide free and have been for the entire four year history of the project. No round up used here!

This Sunday, in anticipation of the West Olympia Farmers’ Market opening in two weeks, we will be starting the tent set up with four tents going up for the season. The remaining eleven tents will be set up next Sunday, April 30th starting at 10 am at our regularly scheduled work party time. We need your help! Come help with tent set up both this Sunday and next!

In the week leading up to the week of May 7th, the southern portion of the newly vacated alley way will be excavated and readied for the next, new section of pervious pavement. Please mark your calendars for May 7th at 10 am, as we will need all hands on deck to snap the pieces together for approximately 1,000 square feet of the grid. This is the next exciting step in making this Park more accessible and safe for the community. Come and be a part of that!

And for heaven’s sake, put Tuesday, May 9th on your calendar from 4-7 pm the opening day for the West Olympia Farmers’ Market! Bring your baskets, bags and boxes to get the freshest produce available on the Westside. 15 local farm and craft vendors will be on site to supply the community with fresh food and supplies. Support your local farmers!

Did you know that the corner of Harrison and Divison is one of Olympia’s 7 gateways? These gateways are currently the subject of an Arts Commission campaign to put art in the gateways! Our own Harrison and Division gateway will be discussed in an open public forum on April 29th at 9:30 am at the Garfield elementary library. Representatives from the Arts Commission will be available to share info and get ideas from the neighbors! Would you like to have a say about what gateway art should look like in our Westside gateway, come to this public forum on Saturday, April 29th!

Join with your neighbors at the park and help make Olympia’s west side a beautiful place to be. Volunteering at West Central Park is a great way to meet new friends and become invested in a community project that can span generations to come!