Monday Movie Madness, Week 7: The African Queen! Aug.17

Unknown                                                                                                                   Come enjoy a good old fashioned oldie at West Central Park, Monday Movie Madness.  This coming Monday, August 17th The African Queen will be showing at 9:15 pm.  As we approach the Fall, our movies have been showing earlier and earlier. So mark your calendar!  This show, starring Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart is the 1951 technicolor classic directed by John Huston.  The story takes place in Africa during WWI and features a rumpled river boat captain, Charlie Allnut and a prim and proper missionary Sister Rosie. Allnut, played by Bogart, is in for more trouble than he could bargain for when he tries to safely take Sister Rosie, played by Hepburn, down the Ulanga river through a heavily manned German war zone. Great movies like these are a thing of the past.  Come to the Park next Monday and get a blast of quality film making from the 1951!