Muralizing the Park

Our next work party is scheduled for this Sunday at 10AM.  We’ll be building a stage for the Bite of West Olympia musical guests and we’ll be continuing work on the first park mural.

The old graffiti...
The old graffiti…
...being cleaned off...
…being cleaned off…
Graffiti gone...
…and graffiti gone!

The mural, designed by WCP Project Vice President Dennis Lyon, is going up on the Western wall of the Diver family’s garage.  The Divers were kind enough to accept the Park’s offer to paint over the graffiti that previously occupied the wall and replace it with a three-dimension mural.

Taking on new dimensions
Taking on new dimensions
photo 2
Bright and colorful!


In Bite of West Olympia news, Charles Adler has been added to musical lineup.  More details and planning for the Bite will surely follow the next Board of Trustees meeting, scheduled for tomorrow evening.  The Landscaping Committee will also be holding more planning meetings tomorrow to set plant donation policies.  We’ve been getting a lot of offers from the local community to donate all sorts of green and leafy things and we’re working on setting up a plant registry to handle all the donations.

For those of you interested in donating plants or materials, stay tuned for the details of that plan.  For anyone who’d like to make a financial donation, check out or Donation page.  As always, any volunteers are encouraged to Sign Up or just show up on Sunday at 10AM at the Park.  And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for even more great updates.

See you at the Park!

photo 3
The mural as it looks today!