Natural Beekeeping Workshop 12-2, November 5th!


Hope everyone is enjoying this truly incredible Fall weather and all the lovely Autumn colors. May it stay through the weekend so that all may get a thorough dose! Mark your calendars for tomorrow, November 5th when Heather Wood will be offering her next in a series of natural beekeeping workshops. Tomorrow’s workshop will run from 12-2 and focus on how to weave a sun hive. A sun hive is an old fashioned ‘skep’ style of hive, that hangs up off the ground from a built frame. In this way it mimicks a wild hive. Come learn all about how to weave your own sun hive, and enjoy Heather’s style of teaching all about the natural way to keep bees.

Sunday is our usual maintenance session at the West Central Park. Since this Park is owned by a Nonprofit 501c3 Public Charity, it is not cared for by City funds. All the upkeep is done completely by the community’s hands and generosity of time. The tender love and care that goes into all the little jobs that keep this park looking its best is remarkable. Come be a part of this awesome transformation from commercial corner to neighborhood oasis in real time! Make it part of your routine and help us at our weekly work session from 11-1 every Sunday.

Want to see more events at the Park next summer? Consider becoming a WCP Board Member and coordinating a fair, concert, dance, workshop series or art show! Possibilities are nearly endless as to what events the Park can host. Perhaps you’d like to have more say about what movies are shown at the Park, or what vegetables and fruits the Park grows. If so, perhaps a board position is right for you. Get in touch and learn more by writing to!

See you around the block!