New Quince and Sequoia!

West Central Park volunteers proudly planted two more trees and over thirty new shrubs and berry plants at the park on Sunday.   The new Quince and Sequoia saplings are the 10th and 11th trees to become permanent and beautiful additions to the corner, and will be tended carefully to keep them happy.  The work party started at 11 am instead of 10 last Sunday, and that helped to give time for the ground to unfreeze. Lots of folks were on hand to get the job done quickly and its always incredible to see what just a small group can accomplish in three hours!  Our next work party will be next Sunday, December 1st, from from 11 to 2. We can always use more help, shovels, smiles and snacks!  Thanks Oly!

Sequoia sapling being carried to its new home.Quince's roots being restored before planting.

IMG_0508Turning the sod to make the beds.


Watering new plants Sunday, 11/24WP_000248

Sequoiadendrum Giganteum!