Permit Process for Water Meter

The process is started to get a new water meter at the site, through the City of Olympia. It will cost $3200 up front, in lieu of any evidence that a utility bill was ever paid there.  Such evidence has not yet been found, but the money paid for the water meter will be refunded when it has surfaced.  If anyone has any such evidence or testimony to the fact that there used to be a certified City of Olympia water meter at that site (there is a box and a stub only), and that water bills were paid, please let the WCP or Tiffani King, Permit Specialist, City of Olympia know. Thanks!

2 Responses

  • Can you really run a lumber yard like the one that was there for years without any water?

    • The city understands the common sense of that and admits it, but they say they need a paper trail to connect the uses.

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