Permit Sought for Grading

Alicia took the survey and the site plan down to the permit assistance center at City Hall on Monday to ask what we would need to do to get a permit to grade and beautify the park site for some potential summer events.  They said that while it was unprecedented, they gave me an application, asked for some design plans and erosion control plans and said they could probably turn it around in a couple of days. They let me know that if we move around more than 500 cubic yards of material in or out, we would trigger the need for a SEPA review. They were concerned  about not having an “approved use” to attach this request to. I told them that we wanted to have temporary events (that yes, we would get a permit for each) and a small amount of parking, and ingress and egress on the alley, for each.  We only want to have parking on site for some events this summer.  When we create the park, it will be pedestrian access only. We will have the application in tomorrow or Thursday so that we might start grading next week.