Planning for Progress at West Central Park

More big events coming up over the next couple weeks down at West Central Park.  Our weekly work parties will resume this Sunday at 10 AM.  Check out our Park Calendar for detailed information on what we’ll be up to this weekend to keep the progress moving at WCP.

The latest addition was the installation of umbrellas to the Park picnic tables.  Olympia’s forecast says it’ll be warm and sunny for the rest of week, so please feel free to come enjoy a meal, a break from work, or just relax under the shade and enjoy the space.

In administrative news, the City of Olympia cut us the check for the refunded water deposit, saving a few thousand dollars for the West Central Park Project.  Alicia and the rest of the West Central Park team are hard at work planning and organizing the next event, so stay tuned for more developments on that front!

In the meantime you can Donate, sign up to Volunteer, and follow us on Twitter @WestCentralPark and like us on Facebook.

See you at the Park!

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  • I’m repairing and painting my house for the next month or so, but would like to help with a work party later in the summer.

    Do you accept donations of perennial plants, small shrubs, and ornamental grasses? I have a few plants in large pots (no room in my yard to plant them) and can divide others in the fall or spring:

    Please let me know, and I’ll provide a list. All are easy-care and non-invasive.

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