Poles and Shorts

At the Pole YardDennis and Alicia went to Rochester today to the PLS Pole Yard to get fourteen fir poles and twenty eight shorts that will be used in both our Summer Events, and our Permanent Layout. The poles and the shorts that will cradle them, are waiting at the park for this Sunday’s Work Party when they will be readied to place around the park’s 60’x 80′ events area.  The poles will later be reused when the open air food court and restroom are built.  Come to our work Party or our first event on June 29th and find out more about how we are bringing a park to the central Westside, and how you can be a part of that.  The June Jubilee and Local Artisan’s Expo is shaping up to be a spectacular local extravaganza, so be sure to stop by and see lots of local craft demonstrations, listen to fabulous acoustic music, eat delicious food and see our new massive fir beams up close!  West Central Park is really shaping up, so come on down and watch it happen!