Public Hearing Update and More!

The neighborhood really turned out for the public hearing last Tuesday and that was by far the best part of the whole proceeding. The testimonies were very heartfelt and compelling and impressed both the City Council and the staff. The decision to vacate the alley and waive the compensation has been deferred two weeks and will be heard and decided upon by Council on March 21st. In the interim, the staff is tasked to work with the petitioners to come up with a mutually satisfactory solution. The public record has been closed but if necessary we can testify in the general public comment period ahead of the Council meeting. Please stay posted, a satisfactory agreement may be reached ahead of time! Also be ready for the decision on March 21st by the City Council whatever it may be. See the full proceeding here. Our hearing is about one hour into the meeting.

The Park Board has hired some drafters, engineers and carpenters to design and build a beautiful 16 foot hexagonal gazebo at West Central Park. The Park Trustees have always wanted a clean, easy and safe way for musicians to play for events and the gazebo will be perfect for that! The cost is significant and we need to seek funding above and beyond our current means. Please consider making a donation toward our goal of $30,000 for our state of the art gazebo designed to serve the public for years to come! Write us at to find out more.

Speaking of public fundraisers get March 18th on your calendars quick! The Gloria Dei Lutheran church will be hosting a very special fundraiser for the Park at the Hotel RL on Saturday, March 18th at 5:30 pm. There will be dinner, entertainment, presentations, a silent auction and more and it’s for a great cause! Go to and click on the Partners in Ministry event to get tickets, or click here to download a formal invitation that you can mail in the old fashioned way! 2017 invite

See you around the Park!