Sequoia Progress and Work Party Sunday,10/29/17, from 10-2!

Fall is upon us in full glory and it looks to be a splendid day for our work party tomorrow, Sunday, October 29th from 10-2! We will be disassembling and storing our stage pieces as well as taking down and cleaning our last tent top. All the tent tops that were cleaned 2 weeks ago are hanging and ready to be folded neatly away for the winter. Come lend a hand as there will be everyday, regular maintenance too like weeding and litter pick up. Come make it your Park Olympia!

Four years ago, in November of 2013, a young Sequoiadendron was donated to West Central Park and was planted at the north end of the Park. In four years that young sapling has done a beautiful job of growing tall and straight!

The tree has unlimited free vertical clearance and has been given a 20 foot berth before it will reach the distance of the sidewalk in diameter. When the tree reaches that diameter it will be limbed high enough to allow unobstructed passage on the sidewalk. The tree seems to have fit right in and we are proud to have it at the north end of West Central Park!

The Sequoia and all of our other trees at the Park have given the little oasis a special grace and beauty that only comes over time from the slow growth of the majestic plants. If the Park looks this way in just 4 years of development, imagine how it can look in 20? Help us to make sure the WCP looks better than ever in 2040!

See you around the block!