Sunday Tent Cleaning 11-1 and Pathway Light Funds Needed!


Hey Park Peeps!

Tent cleaning continues this Sunday, November 13th, from 11-1 at the Park. We have slowly been chipping away at the pile of dirty tents and are going to keep at it until they are all clean and dried and put away. The more help we have the quicker we can get them out of the weather. Any time you spare will be invaluable!

The WCP is saving money for our Pathway lighting system! We are over halfway toward our goal of $10,000 to pay for the lights and the wiring! The Park Board has selected some beautiful handcrafted lights from Attraction Lights in Minnesota and has chosen 12 locations for the lights. The lights are pictured above.  Any little bit toward the remaining $5,000 we will need to purchase the system will be greatly appreciated by the entire community and can serve as a complete tax write off for you! Now that our cross Park pathway is complete all it needs is a little illumination to really set it off!

The West Central Park’s mission is to create a green, public space that can meet the recreational, educational and creative needs of the community in which it sits. We work toward our mission in part, through volunteer labor that is at the very core of our intention. By involving the community in the upkeep and management of this neighborhood oasis, neighbors can become vested in the land as a mutual resource. Since May of 2013, all the donated time, supplies and energy have really made the Park shine. It’s your tender love and care that has made the biggest difference.