Sunday Work Party and Alley Vacation Update!

Yes, you guessed it folks!  There will be another Sunday work party this Sunday, 2/5/17 from 11-1! There is a lot of much needed maintenance at a community owned Park. Most of us are used to publicly maintained Park spaces that stay neat and tidy without any help from the public at all. This Park is an exception. Sure it’s a bit more effort but in return, we gain a space of our own where we can build community and share our stories and our skills. That is one of the main reasons why the West Central Park holds a regular Sunday work party. It is an easy and visible way for the entire community to get involved! So grab your gloves and hat and come on out for some fresh air and some community bonding this Sunday from 11-1!

Perhaps you have noticed the pubic notice sign at the end of the alley on Harrison Avenue in front of the Park. This sign is to give notice of a public hearing that will take place on February 28th regarding a petition to the city to vacate half of the public alley that runs along the eastern side of the Park from WCP’s southern border to Harrison. The petition has been respectfully submitted by 100% of the property owners whos property abuts that section of the alley. It is the petitioners desire to create a safe pedestrian space that borders a community park and is free from random, vehicular traffic. It is also the petitioners desire to grant easements to all concerned be it utility, emergency, Park events or markets. Normally, when an alley vacation is granted the petitioners must compensate the City for turning public land into private land. In this case however, the applicants have requested a waiver of compensation in light of the fact that the alley will remain open to pedestrians and bikes at all times and furthermore ensure their physical safety. Also it will not limit public utility or emergency access, Park events or markets. The sole desired remedy is to cure the alley of random fast moving cars that endanger pedestrians and bicyclists that use the alley.

The public hearing will be on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 at 7pm in the City Council Chambers at City Hall. The City Council will we be there to hear our case. The more of you in support of this that are there that evening will help us immensely. If you care about creating a safe pedestrian zone in the Westside, please attend. It will make West Central Park a safer place to be!