Sunday Work Party As Usual Today, 10-2!ur

Hey Park Pals!

Big thanks to last week’s crew and new volunteers who came out and worked hard on helping the Park to look gorgeous!  Today we have yet another work session where we will tackle mowing, weeding, watering torching and picking up litter. Our weekly maintenance is the only thing that keeps this little corner of the world looking mah-velous dahling!

Don’t forget about the West Olympia Farmer’s Market each and every Tuesday of the week May through October, from 4-7 pm. There are a multitude of vendors including greens, veggies, raw foods, salsa and guacamole, chocolates, jewelry, kombucha, books, and so much more for your weekly shopping excursion. Bring your bags and baskets and come on by on Tuesday afternoons!

Our first free movie of the season in coming up soon, on Monday, July 3rd at dusk, we’ll be showing the campy hit, The Fifth Element.  Free movies in the Park are a great way to bond with your neighbors, laughing and munching popcorn! Mark your calendars and check this link on our website to find out all the other movie dates and titles!

See you around West Oly!