Sunday Work Party New Year’s Day and Alley Vacation Update!



Hello Park Folk!

This Sunday as usual we’ll be out at the Park from 11-1 taking care of necessary maintenance. Can you spare an hour or two on a new years day? We’ll be taking down our tree decorations and sprucing up the pathways a bit. The West Central Park has been maintained continually for the past three and a half years by volunteers donated time and energy and the efforts of an all volunteer board of trustees. It’s the only park of its kind in the City of Olympia and we’re proud of that. We invite you each Sunday to share in that pride and help us to keep this Park looking great for generations to come.

The Park, along with fellow property owners, has petitioned the City to vacate the north section of the alley that runs through the Park block. The section of public alley that starts at Harrison and ends at the southern border of the Park has no private driveway intersecting it for needed access. Historically this section of the alley has served the vehicular public as a cut through to avoid the traffic at the busy intersection. The alley has also served the community as a major pedestrian route. Since the Park has been in existence it has held markets, events and movies for the public. The cut through traffic has been an issue during Park events and the Park has been obliged to buy street closure permits from the City to keep the area safe at those times. The petition to ask the City to vacate the alley is proposing that the Park and other nearby property owners will be able to install bollards at either end of the north section of alley. These locking bollards will allow for safe use by pedestrians, utility, emergency and Park events by preventing random, cut through traffic. The City has received our petition and has already given notice to the City Council that they will have it on their agenda for the Council meeting on Tuesday, January 24th. From there it will be assigned a public hearing date which will likely be on February 28th. Stay posted and get ready to attend the Public Hearing on February 28th in the Council Chambers! We will let you know the time as the date approaches.

See you at the West Central Park!