Sustainable Living Expo Updates and Upcoming Events

We’re happy to announce that Olympia Federal Savings has been added to the list of participants for the Sustainable Living Exposition, taking place on September 7 from 1-5PM at the Park.  They’ll be there to discuss their recent remodel and how sustainable living factored into their design plan.

In other news, The West Central Park will be attending the “Love Our Local” event on August 25th from 1-8PM.  “Love Our Local” is a great event where Olympians get to see what kinds of things are going on in town and The West Central Park is very proud to be a part of this awesome event.

We have a few events coming up this week, starting with the Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday night.  The Board will be finishing up the official Bylaws (which can be found here) and continue planning the Sustainable Living Expo.  We’ll also be having another work party this Sunday at 10AM, so anyone who’s interested in stopping by is more than welcome.

We’ll also be posting updates on the Community Forum we’re planning for mid-September where the neighborhood will get to officially sign up for membership, hear all about what’s going on and what we hope to get into in the near future, and have a dialogue with the Board.  We’re really looking forward to this one and we hope we’ll see you there, so stay tuned for details on the where and when of that event.

Finally, we’d like to offer a big “Thank You” and “Congratulations” to KAOS, who hosted their Kid’s Dance Party at the Park this past Saturday.  It’s been a great 40 years and we hope to have 40 more!

See you at the Park!