Thanks United Way! Gloria Dei Pet Blessing and Last day of WOFM!

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Hi Park Folk!

A big huge thank you to all the United Way Volunteers who created a new cross Park pathway for the West Central Park last Saturday! An amazing amount of work was accomplished and two pathways were completed in under 3 hours by over 30 volunteers! Check out more pics at These pathways are designed with Tru-Grid, a recycled, plastic pervious paving system that was used in the new parking lot and the south end of the public alley on the Park block. This snap lock grid system with 8 inches of clean,1 1/4 gravel underneath and granite on top, acts as a water catchment system for slow draining soil layers. It is also wheelchair accessible! Thanks again United Way for helping us work toward our goal of keeping our rain water on site, and for helping us make the Park more safe and accessible for all.

Meanwhile, join the Gloria Dei Pastors Doug and Molly Knutson-Keller while they stand ready to bless your dear pets at 2 pm on October 9th at the West Central Park in the name of St. Francis of Assisi! Bring Fluffy and Fido on their leash or in their carrier and let Pastors Molly and Doug help you make sure they have a blessed year ahead!

On Tuesday, October 11, it’s the very last market day of the West Olympia Farmers’ Market 2016! Bring your bags and baskets to the Park next Tuesday from 4-7 and get the best and most local produce, seafood, herbs, pork, chicken, raw creations, crafts and much more.Come show our local farm heroes how much they mean to us!

Fresh food is always available from Rosie’s Joint food cart and from Oly Go Juice that are stationed at WCP Monday through Friday every week. Oly Go has a new kegerator with fresh nitrous Kombucha and coffee! Don’t miss out.

And of course tomorrow, Sunday from 10-2 is our weekly work session, where volunteers get so much done with tender, loving care. There is plenty of maintenance to do every week even in the fall getting beds ready for the winter, keeping the litter picked and the Park clean. Next Sunday we will need help packing our tents up for the season, and that day our work Party will be strictly about tent management. All hands on deck from 10-2, Sunday, October 16th. Whatever you do in your busy, daily lives, come be a working part of your community oasis at Harrison and Division!