The Latest from West Central Park




This past week has been a busy one for the Park’s development.  While Sunday work parties are running smoothly on the surface, and the landscape on the corner has become visibly, and increasingly planted and shaped, what is not so visible are the other changes that park board members are working to precipitate.

The City of Olympia and the Parks Department here have helped to classify the Park’s characteristics into the category ‘community park’.  This is an important first step in getting our use designated.  Once that use is established, the steps through developing the property will be more smoothly integrated with the City’s requirements.

The required steps are also being taken to assemble the necessary pieces to begin our request for alley vacation.  That process will take at least two to three months to complete, as a certain period  must elapse to allow for time for the public to make commentary.

Members of the Board have recently attended seminars on Rain Garden structure and an integrated plan is being developed. The plan combines ameliorating part of the clay layer under our pad to create a large drain, and adding two small rain gardens to increase the drainage rate.

Stay posted for more upcoming news on our pending 501c3 status and more about the proud new owners of the park…The West Central Park Project!