The Results Are In!

Hello dear friends and neighbors,

February is here and and the new life is already starting to pop through the dirt! We’ll be hosting our weekly work party tomorrow from 11am to 1pm to focus on grounds maintenance and beginning to prepare for spring gardening. Hope you can come join us!


Thank you to everyone who participated in our community survey from last week! We received lots of excellent feedback and we’re excited to work towards some of these ideas in the coming year. Regarding our contest, we have picked a winner and will be contacting them shortly to collect their prize.

Here are our top picks for ideas we received from the community and how we’re going to address them in the coming year:

Group Discussions -> Generally speaking, this idea would help foster a broader use of the park space to welcome in small groups of people who wish to gather for discussion or fellowship. This could encompass a wide variety of things including social topics or hobby type interests. Similarly, we’re also looking at expanding our park committees and seeking community involvement on a more regular basis behind the scenes when it comes to event planning. We hope to have more developments on this in the near future!

A Children’s Playground -> While we love the idea of offering more family friendly activities at the park, we are unable to do a playground due to the liability involved. However, we are looking at some other ways we can install kid friendly features at the park to give our youngest neighbors a more interactive experience! We’re also exploring more family friendly event ideas that we can offer in the future!

Open Mic Nights -> We LOVE this idea! And this is something you can definitely expect to see coming to the West Central Park in 2019!

Better Lighting -> We hear you on this one for sure and we totally agree. There is a real need for better lighting at the park and we are actively working on a functional solution for this.

A Lush Perimeter -> The park has come a long way in the past five years. However, the location is still a barrier for some to fully enjoy the space due to the incredibly busy intersection bordering it. We will be looking into ways this year on how we could make that a reality without jeopardizing the garden spaces or introducing any invasive plants to the property. But we agree that finding a way to provide a quieter and more peaceful space would be a huge asset to the park! 

All of these are excellent ideas and we hope to make them a reality in the near future. However, all of these things are dependent on our ability to raise the needed funds and volunteer power to make it happen.

So how can you help?

Volunteer at the Park -> We meet weekly on Sundays from 11am to 1pm from October through March and 10am to 2pm in April through September for park maintenance including planting, weeding, litter cleanup, and other more specific project needs at they arise. We also need volunteers at our larger events coming up in the warmer months like concerts, movie nights, and workshops. 

Join a Committee -> One focus we have for 2019 is to regroup and expand involvement in the park committees. These small groups help with more focused projects like arts & culture, grant writing, compost management, and landscaping. We’re also open to the possibility for new committees to be formed as the need arises and volunteers come forward. 

Donate Money -> The West Central Park is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) public charity. In that capacity, we rely fully on public cash donations to survive. We have multiple ways to accept donations both online and in person. Please visit our donations page for more information:

For more information about volunteering with the West Central Park Project, please contact us at