Tonight’s Board Meeting and Tomorrow’s Work Party

The Board of Trustees met tonight and adopted two new articles to the Bylaws of the West Central Park Project, one concerning our Mission Statement and another regarding indemnity.  Both new articles are reprinted below.

Tomorrow night at 6:30 PM, we invite you to meet us at the park and help set up the tents for the Bite of West Olympia, which is happening from 3-7PM this Saturday.  We’ll also be tearing down the tents on the Sunday after the event at 10AM.  We’d love to see you at all three, but definitely don’t miss the Bite of West Olympia.  Local food, local music, and great times to be had by all.

ARTICLE II – Mission Statement

The West Central Park Project is dedicated to creating a public, open, green space that can serve the recreational, educational, artistic, and musical needs of the community in which it sits.  The space, created by its neighborhood, for its neighborhood, can be a model for other neighborhoods to create similar spaces and thereby improve their economy and their quality of life.

ARTICLE IX – Indemnity

Indemnification of Organization Directors and Officers

To the fullest extent permitted by law, including RCW 23B.08.510, and .570, the Organization shall indemnify against liability an individual made a party to a proceeding because the individual is or was a Director or Officer of the Organization.

Limitation on Liability of Organization Directors, Officers, and Members

To the fullest extent permitted by law, including RCW 23B.08.320, neither Directors nor Members of the organization shall be personally liable for monetary damages resulting from conduct as a Director, Officer, of Member of the Organization.


2 Responses

  • This refers to the notes from Tonight’s Board Meeting and Tomorrow’s Work Party, dated July 25, In the The Article II – Mission Statement, the second sentence (beginning with “The space created by…”) is not a complete and proper sentence. Are you trying to say, “The space is created by the neighborhood and for the neighborhood, to be a model for other..” or are you trying to say, “The space, created by the neighborhood and for the neighborhood, is to be a model for other…”? Also, missing from the notes is the referenced indemnity article.

    • Debbie-

      Thanks for helping us to find errors like these. The sentences have been corrected to accurately reflect what we intended.
      We invite, and appreciate all the help that comes our way.
      Thanks again!


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