Tony Furtado Tonight!!

Hey Parkies!

We’re in for a treat tonight with a free live concert in the Park! Tony Furtado will be performing at 7 pm with Stephanie Scheiderman and is free to the public. Bring your lawn chairs or blankets and perhaps a sweater tonight and you can get comfy in the Park while you are serenaded under the stars! This shouldn’t be missed and all are welcome to attend. This concert is courtesy of this COMMUNITY who ponied up the funds to make this show happen! Thanks team way to make it happen. Now come and enjoy!

Tomorrow, Sunday, August 27th we’ll be cleaning up any concert debris and taking down down decor. Come join us at our regular work party at 10 am! We’d love to see you. It’s the tender love and care each Sunday that keeps this little parcel looking amazing.

Monday night will be our final movie in our 3rd annual Monday Movie Madness series for 2017! Make our last night the best with us and we have a hilarious movie for you! Galaxy Quest is the ridiculous and wonderful satire of Star Trek and will have you busting a stitch! Bring your blankies and lawn chairs and come have a giggle with us this Monday, August 28th.

Mark your calendar every Tuesday from 4-7 through October 10th because that’s when some hard working farmers come out to bring you the freshest of their produce. Don’t let them bring their hard earned vegetables in vain! Face it everyone, we are the village green preservation society and farm markets are a big part of that picture! Come help us ensure local farming will be strong for the next generations.

See you at the Park!