Volunteers Needed!

The Accessible Beds are Planted!

Summer is here and before we know it these beds will be abundant with tomatoes, nasturtiums, potatoes, and more! We need help though. This summer is supposed to be hot and dry and the beds will need to be watered and tended. Besides being able to log hours toward cool perks in our new Membership Program, you get fresh veggies and herbs!

Come help out Thursdays, 9-11am and Sundays, 10am-1pm.

Please note that activities in the garden bed will only take place during the listed times and volunteer gardeners should not plant, tend, or harvest without clearing it with Cathy or Dave.

Contact: Cathy Visser 360-586-6181 ext. 112 or Nutrition@SouthSoundSeniors.org.

Volunteers Needed

The Park and all of the great events aren’t possible without the help of our volunteers. Do we need weeds pulled, plants watered, and the grass mowed? Yes, definitely. But there’s lots of other things you could help with. If you have an interest or talent, we can probably find something to fit!

Here are some examples:

  • Administrative: organizing files, writing and mailing thank you notes to donors, managing contact information
  • Marketing/Outreach: designing flyers and other outreach material, writing blog posts, staffing a table at events
  • Event setup: set up tents, serve popcorn, help bands as needed
  • Game/Equipment rental: during set times, be available to check out chess pieces, yard games, and croquet set
  • Park Maintenance: weeding, watering, mowing, clipping, tending

We’d love to for you to get involved at the West Central Park Project, please contact us at director@aparkforus.org.