WCP Board Members Meet With City Reps

Alicia Elliott and Dennis Lyon of the West Central Park board, met with Steve Hall, Ladd Cluff, and Fran Eide of the City of Olympia to discuss the Park’s proposed alley vacation yesterday.  It has been long term goal of the Park to become pedestrian only, with no parking available on site, and the alley vacation is the next step in that process.  All park neighbors within 300 feet of this alley will be notified of the request, and be given a reasonable time period to comment, and weigh in on the process.  The Park plan will include keeping a ten foot wide gravel path through the park for emergency vehicles and a main sewer easement, but Harrison Avenue ingress and egress will be blocked once the alley vacation goes into effect.  The 4th Avenue end of the alley will remain open, and only past the park border will be blocked .  The Park board has deemed this request a necessary part of making the park a safer oasis for the community to enjoy.  Keeping an open driveway on Harrison is a hazard for pedestrian and Intercity Transit as well.  After an alley vacation, the Park will rebuild the sidewalk where the driveway is now.   The WCP board always welcomes public feedback and commentary.