WCP News Update for April 2nd, 2016!


The WCP team is having another work party tomorrow, Sunday, April 3rd from 10-2. We will be overhauling our lawn and creating a nice berm along the beds that will prove perfect for leaning up against during our summer movies! We will need all hands on deck tomorrow as we work over the soil taking out as many invasives and most dandelions that we can in the freshly tilled soil. A few volunteers are working today to tractor/till the area and it should be soft and ready to work with by tomorrow.

The Park property has a long way to go to before the fertile growing place that is in its future, materializes. The parcel has a long history of being parked on and driven over and there is a lot of gravel, compaction and compressed clay on site. Volunteers work hard to restore these barren, blighted areas and turn them into something the community can use and enjoy. Bring your neighbors and your friends and come be a part of this burgeoning and engaging project.

The WCP Board wants this Park to serve its neighborhood, and offers you the opportunity to serve on the board and its committees. Do you have a great idea for activities, workshops, events or music at the Park? Come turn them all into a reality and be a part of the group of volunteers that make those kinds of decisions every month. The West Central Park Project relies on its community and that means you!