West Central Park Library + Wasp Traps + Garden Beds Update

It’s another beautiful sunny day today and we are so ready for spring! We’ve been making stellar progress at the park this past few weeks with the new garden bed upgrades. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help with this project! We will be continuing our efforts this Sunday from 10am to 2pm. Grab your garden gloves and come join us!

Wasp Trap Making

This Sunday we will also be working on putting together some wasp traps to hang around the park. After the unfortunate death of our honey bees last fall due to wasp attacks, we’re being proactive to give our bee friends a better chance this year. Below are the supplies needed to create the traps. If you have any of these items available to contribute we would great appreciate it! Feel free to bring them by this Sunday and lend a hand!

Supplies Needed: 

– 2 liter size juice, soda, or vinegar bottles
– Jam, meat, syrup, or soda as bait
– Dish soap
– String
– Knives or something to cut holes in jugs.

West Central Park Library

Today is the day! We are now the proud owners a little library! But alas, it is empty! If you have suitable books you’re looking to part with, come help us stock up!

West Central Park Project