Weekly Park Update #121

West Central Park Weekly Update #121
January 30th, 2016

Hey Park Folks!

Tomorrow, Sunday, January 31st, from 11-1, look forward to a special work session at West Central Park. Crew will be on site offering WCP’s very first Mini Bee and Bird House Building Workshop! Last Sunday, thanks to over 20 hard working volunteers from Sunday Assembly of Olympia and from the EU program at Evergreen, many fence boards were harvested and reclaimed for tomorrow’s workshop. These old boards that were carefully collected, and cleaned of rusty nails, will be perfect for making new little homes for our buzzing and feathered friends! These mini houses will be sold to raise funds for the Park but if you’d like one for your yard, come make a couple! Please come to the Park stage tomorrow at 11 if you’d like to be involved.

The Park’s Land Use Application is in its final review at City Hall and is expected to be before the Site Plan Review Committee on February 17th for approval. If approved, the West Central Park will be the first Private Neighborhood Park in Olympia. That will call for some celebration! WCP will be hosting a special event for the entire neighborhood to help consecrate this historic event. So stay tuned for an announcement of our grand opening as an official Park!

Because of all you have done to keep this little oasis looking its best and serving its community to its utmost, West Central Park thanks you all!

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