West Central Park Special Edition: Gala Postponed

We appreciate our community and have had a wonderful time gathering, dancing, and enjoying our collective park space together with all of you. Our annual fundraising gala is a critical part of keeping the Park going and growing. Unfortunately, this year there are dozens of amazing events happening in these busy weeks before the holidays and we did not have the ticket sales to support the Gala.

We’ve decided to postpone this fundraising celebration and are actively working on an event for next year, which will be scheduled at a time that won’t compete with the activities happening this season.

Ticket holders can either request a refund by emailing director@aparkforus.org; keep the ticket for the rescheduled event; or consider it a donation to the Park.

If you have donated an auction item to this event, we would love to keep it for when we reschedule this event.

Happy Holidays, and please stay tuned!

If you have any questions, please email director@aparkforus.org.