West Central Park Weekly Update #133

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Hello Park Pals!

The Park is in beautiful bloom and ready and waiting for you to bring some of your special love and care to help it stay lovely. We can really use your help tomorrow, Sunday, May 1st, as we put the finishing touches on our tents and ready them for our big tent raising next Sunday on May 8th. We will be washing the last four tents and also creating more cinderblock weights so that the tents can be safely held in place throughout the upcoming season.

Do you want to be involved in shaping the artistic event schedule at the Park? Join the Arts Committee! Do you want to help the works of West Central Park to become more well known around Olympia? Join the P.R. Committee! Are you passionate about grant writing? Join the Fundraising Committee! And if you just don’t have the time to give on a regular basis to the WCP, consider stopping by the Park on a Sunday morning once in a while, to volunteer for a couple of hours. This Park was created just for you!

In this ever changing world we live in, we have to work hard to protect and nourish the values that we care about. One of those values that the WCP feels needs protecting, is the need for a community space that can be shared and cared for by all. This little community owned oasis is here for our events, markets, movies and simply for us to come here with a friend and eat our lunches together. Would you like to share a moment with your grandchildren some day at West Central Park? Help us preserve and protect that opportunity for generations to come.