West Central Park Weekly Update #117


Hello and Happy New Year from the West Central Park!

It’s the dead of winter as everyone knows with the latest deep freeze, and the Park had a rare break from the Sunday work party last week. Tomorrow though, there will be folks out there from 11-1 taking down the tree and all of the holiday lights. Your help is always appreciated and there will be hot cider, cookies and good neighbors to warm you! There will be some indoor jobs cleaning the Park tents as well as some light outdoor work. Also, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the third week in January, there will be some indoor workshops building all natural bee and bird houses. Let us know if you are interested and we’ll get you signed up. Space is limited!

The Park is always growing and changing and it depends on you to make that happen. This Park is unique in Olympia in that it is a privately owned public space. The Park is privately owned by a public charity that is staffed by volunteers from Olympia. The bylaws, policies and all decisions are made by an eight member board of volunteers that any interested member of the community can be part of. The Fund Raising, Arts and PR Committees are all great ways to participate too. There are many ways to contribute to nourishing the space. Come help to make this neighborhood oasis the best it can possibly be!