West Central Park’s Land Use Application

Recently the application for designating West Central Park as a Private Neighborhood Park was completed and turned in to the City. A notice of application is now  available to the public and is open to comment until June 5.  Please feel free to leave comments and questions here as well. The establishment of this Use will allow the Park to have events and markets, movie nights and more without paying for event permits.  In its first year the Park paid over $400 in use permits to the City.  The Private Neighborhood Park designation is also the first of its class in Olympia and would mark an important step in marking a path for other private neighborhood parks to follow.


15-0067 – Notice of Application

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  • I live very close to w.c.p and support the park whole heartedly. This park brings the community together through events and volunteer opertunities. Last summer i attended ever movie in the park showing an have performed there during the market. This program exudes positivity and promotes a sense of community. I cant thank everyone who made this happen enough. Im so greatful that space is being used in a resourceful way and whole heartedly support the way they make olympia a better place to live.

    • Hi Ashley!
      Sorry for the delay in responding. Thank you for your kind comments. We rely on park visitors like you to help us spread the community message that we are promoting. The original goals of the Park Project still remain and at work to foster that message. The Park was created to meet the musical, artistic, educational and recreational needs of the community in which it sits, and we hope to always fulfill that mission.

  • Public cannot view City Land Use application here (only cover sheet) – because it is not posted on city web page. Public needs two weeks or 30 day review of publicly accessible application- right? I guess I’ll send same message to City Planner. Where is SEPA checklist (or similar)?

    • Hi-
      I hope you had a chance to view the application. I apologize for not getting back to your comment sooner. The hearing was uneventful and there was no one there to oppose that particular vacation. Did you see our yellow board at the Park when it was posted?

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